A Priceless Lesson

Emotional Issues

Karen Loewe, a middle school teacher from Oklahoma, delivered an invaluable lesson to her young students. She required from her students attending 7th and 8th grade to write all the issues they might have been dealing with during their lives on a piece of paper. Afterward, they were supposed to leave the paper in a bag located near the door.

During her lesson, she took out some of the anonymous notes and read them aloud. Her point was to make all students aware of what their friends and classmates had been struggling with. Severe issues such as abuse, death, drug abuse, and divorce emerged in the classroom.

The Plan for Future

Ms. Loewe intends to leave the bag hanging in front of the door for the entire school year. She wants to remind her students not to linger on the bad and negative events. “Leave it at the door” indicates to the students they should not allow their past to define them. 

As Loewe has explained, whatever happened to them might not have been prevented. However, it did change and shape them into who they are. Thus, they should move along instead of continuously lingering on it. 

Her activity was shared on social networks thousands of times. However, its essence was to teach students not to be judgemental as they can never know what other people might be going through.

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