Beer Festival in Oregon Started on Wednesday

Beer Festival in Oregon

This Wednesday marked the beginning of another Oregon Brewers Festival. OBF was initially held in 1988, and this will be the 32nd time the festival is held. Similar to the previous year, this festival will also last four days. 

It started with Portland’s celebrity, the Unipiper. If you don’t know who he is, you would undoubtedly be surprised by his appearance. The Unipiper is a performer who is recognized by his Darth Vader mask and Scottish kilt. If this is not enough, he plays the bagpipes while riding a unicycle.

The festival began at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, when the parade started the journey to Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Furthermore, the Unipiper was also last year’s grand marshal, and he started this four-day festival as well. 

One of the interesting things is that OBF will feature 100% Oregon craft beer. The festival will also be a debut for over eighty different craft beers. Furthermore, they will increase the last year’s number of ciders from two to eight. 

Each year there are over 60,000 beer lovers visiting from all across the state. This event is one of the longest and most popular beer festivities in the country. With almost a hundred different breweries, visiting “Beervana” is undoubtedly an excellent destination for this hot July. However, this will be the first year that the festival won’t be held on a Sunday.

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