Getting Ready for School

School prepered

The school start calls for an array of supplies: new notebooks, binders, schoolbags, as well as clothes. The burden of the new school year is patiently lurking around, while teachers, students, and parents are trying to completely and successfully prepare for the big day. 

It is not only students and their parents who are stricken with the stress of stationery purchase. Teachers need their supplies as well. Sara Kemp, a teacher of fourth-graders at an Oregon school, gives useful advice on how to spot a perfect supply deal. Also, she teaches parents what to buy for their children.

Looking for the Deals

Ms. Kemp began her shopping journey at the dollar spot, as things found there are a real steal. Then she proceeded to the official school stationery section. She selected cheaper notebooks (25 cents) instead of more expensive ones, as she will need loads of them. As she stated, the perfect part of shopping is actually buying everything you need. 

At the beginning of a school year, Ms. Kemp spends $300, which is always reimbursed, on the essentials. More often than not, she exceeds that sum even for hundreds of dollars she has to pay with her own money. That is the actual reason she is continuously hunting excellent deals. 

Ms. Kemp explains that, whenever she goes stationery shopping, she needs to choose between the necessary and not-so-necessary supplies. Afterward, she tries to find a way to obtain them too. Even though she doesn’t like asking for donations, people are willing to help. 

Making School a Safer Place

Sara Kemp teaches at a local Title I school. This implies that a high number of students come from families with low revenues. This is one of the reasons she purchases all that stationery. As she reveals, she requires new school stationery supplies from her friends or relatives for holidays or other occasions rather than other presents. The background of such a deed is her desire to turn the school into a place where children will love to spend their time.

School Stationery Shopping Tips

One can say that school teachers are true insiders when it comes to buying school supplies. Therefore, Ms. Kemp is the right person to take advice from regarding stationery. 

Crayons and Markers

When it comes to choosing between generic or branded crayons, the teacher prefers the latter, even though it means spending extra money. The reason lies in the fact that generic crayons tend to break much more compared to the branded. 

Speaking of markers, Ms. Kemp prefers thin ones as they are far cheaper than the thick ones. 

Pencil Cases and Pencils

It goes without saying that children need to place their pens and pencils, markers, and crayons. Teacher Kemp prefers the boxes which have a latch to preserve them closed. They might be a bit more expensive, but they are much more convenient than the ones that don’t have the lock.

Regarding pencils, a high number of teachers sticks to Ticonderoga as they don’t tend to break very much. They are Sara Kemp’s only choice as well.

Notebooks and Glue

When purchasing notebooks for elementary school students, the only things parents need to pay attention to is that they are wide. Some students need such notebooks since their handwriting is rather large. 

In terms of glue, Ms. Kemp recommends avoiding purple glue sticks. They are not as functional as the transparent counterpart.

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