Kate Brown Remains One of the Least Popular Governors in the US

Kate Brown

Kate Brown has been governor of Oregon for over four years. Since she came to the office in 2015, she received many praises and somewhat positive national press. She was often described as approachably fierce, and even as a combination of Snoopy and Katniss from the Hunger Games. However, the situation in her home state is quite different. 

According to the Morning Consult’s survey for governor approval, Kate Brown is on the 47th position out of 50 governors in the country. While this might seem strange to some people, Oregon is a big country, and both Republicans and independents don’t like her at all.

While her approval is +58 among Democrats, it is much lower for Republicans and independents, which is -73 and -12 respectively. According to Morning Consult’s ranking that surveyed over 5,000 registered voters using daily polls, Republican governors are more popular compared to their Democratic counterparts. Furthermore, the first fourteen governors are all Republican, where Charlie Baker from Massachusetts is on the first place. The most popular Democratic governor is Steve Bullock from Montana, and he is currently running for president.

Finally, the average net approval for Republican governors is +28, while for democratic ones is +11. Kate Brown is at an average of -4, and there was even an effort earlier this month to remove her from the office. 

The only three governors that are ranked worse than Kate Brown are Gina Raimondo, Democrat from Rhode Island on the 48th place, Ned Lamont, another Democratic governor but of Connecticut, and finally, Matt Bevin, who is Republican governor of Kentucky.

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