Man Accused of Biased Crime for Beating Transgender Woman

Beating of Transgenser

The Charges

Constanza was indicted by the Lincoln County jury on four accusations. One of them is the first-degree bias crime against Lauren Jackson. Other charges include harassment, second-degree attack, and threatening. 

According to the report, Constanza assaulted Jackson in a toilet near Agate Beach State Park the previous weekend. Lauren Jackson declares herself as a transgender woman. 

A Bias Crime


Formerly established as a charge of intimidation, a bias crime refers to a crime when an individual deliberately, consciously, or recklessly inflicts bodily injuries to another individual. The reason for such an assault is the convict’s attitude to the victim’s ethnicity or race, religion, core gender identity or sexual preferences, impairments, or color. 

The new law that became effective on July 15 abolished the precondition that several people had to carry out the felony before it could be classified as a bias crime.

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