Oregon Court Dismissed Indictment After Man’s Allegation He Was Attacked Because of MAGA Cap

MAGA Hat in Court

Leopold Hauser, 22, and Adebisi Okuneye, 23, were arrested for attacking Luke Lenzner, 34. According to the DA Office in Multnomah County, however, the grand jury dismissed the charges against them on the pretext that there was not enough evidence. 

The DA Office representative reported that the DA does not indict people on the basis of their political ideologies or associations with particular organizations, either political or non-political. The Office is to commence the process only after the investigation of all relevant evidence in case it is legitimately and culturally appropriate and following with the state laws. 

The Incident Details

As reported, the incident took place on August 24, around 1 a.m., in front of Growler’s Taproom bar situated on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard. When the police arrived, Lenzner had a nose bleed. He reported to the officers that two unknown men had hit him in the face. The two men then left in a golden van. The police managed to track and pull the vehicle over and imprisoned Okuneye and Houser.

Hauser explained to the officer that he was supposed to have a show at Growler’s Taproom. He was standing in front of the bar with Okuneye, when 34-year-old Lenzner passed them by wearing his “Make America Great Again” cap. At that moment, the argument started. 

As the DA Office explained, Lenzner and Okuneye approached each other rather carefully. Suddenly, Lenzner pushed Adebisi Okuneye. Hauser allegedly interfered by standing between the two to stop their fight. However, Lenzner then took a fighting position. When interrogated to explain the origin of Lenzner’s nosebleed, Hauser claimed he did not know, as arms and hands were everywhere.

Adebisi Okuneye reported that Lenzner started the verbal fight, which Lenzner denies. She confirmed that the man pushed her as well.

Was It All Because of the Cap?

Luke Lenzner claims that Leopold Hauser and Adebisi Okuneye accosted him because of his cap. In his opinion, both of them were offended by the “Make America Great Again” inscription. He did admit he pushed Adebisi Okuneye in order to make some distance as she did not want to move back. At that very moment, Hauser punched his face.

The prosecutors interrogated Luke Lenzer’s spouse as well. The court files state that she was interested in how Portland residents would react to her husband wearing an MAGA cap. She admitted it was her suggestion that he wore the cap as they visited various Portland bars. She stated that it was Hauser and Okuneye who hit her husband. 

Having reviewed the case, the jury returned it due to the lack of evidence. The court dismissed its charges against Leopold Hauser and Adebisi Okuneye.  

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