Oregon Governor Signed a New Gun Bill

Oregon New Gun Bill

Gov. Kate Brown decided to close a loophole in the state law and restrict the rights in the Second Amendment referred to owning and storing firearms. 

Initiative Petition 40 has been filed, and if appropriately enforced, many will not have that much access to firearms. 

In the initiative, it is required that all gun owners safely store their guns and make sure that they are locked with a trigger-locking device and kept in a closed container. 

Also, anyone who has lost their firearm will be liable for any injury done to persons or any property while committed with their weapon since their gun was not stored in compliance with the law. 

Oregonians showed some resistance to this petition, but the overall reaction seemed satisfactory to Brown, who was thrilled to finally be able to implement what she considered necessary. 

However, some parts of the petition were not received well by the Oregon citizens. A part of the petition states that the gun owners will be held liable for any injury occurring within four years from a firearm being transferred to another owner if it is not safely stored and transported. 

The National Rifle Association strongly opposed this initiative and called to all fellow gun owners to fight and decline to sign this petition. 

In their statement, they said that gun safety and storage should be a matter of personal responsibility and that it was utterly unacceptable for the government to impose one-size-fits-all solutions and ignore individual responsibility. They added that this initiative invaded Oregon residents’ homes and forced them to keep their firearms stored. That way, they are unable to use them for self-defense. 

So far, the NRA Association has gathered 1,000 signatures to be able to join a ballot tie before they go for the petition that requires over 112,000 signatures to be placed on 2020 ballot.

Gov. Kate Brown stated that the NRA association had rights to oppose the new petition and that we lived in a new age of democracy. 

But she is focused on making sure that all parts of the Initiative 40 are enforced, especially the one that prohibits domestic abusers from holding on to their firearms illegally.

She signed a measure on Tuesday that threatens with penalties to domestic abusers who plan on refusing to turn over their guns to the authorities. She added that she planned to work on more expansive gun control measures in the future and that this was the first part of that plan.

Brown was appalled with the fact that many abusers who were charged with domestic violence and stalking charges refused to appear in court hearings and surrender their firearms. She added that she planned on more sweeping gun reforms in the future and that she would not stop until her Legislature was fully enforced.

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