Kate Brown
Posted in Oregon Politics news

Kate Brown Remains One of the Least Popular Governors in the US

Kate Brown has been governor of Oregon for over four years. Since she came to the office in 2015, she received many praises and somewhat…

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Law in Oregon
Posted in Oregon Health news

Four Students Managed to Change the Law in Oregon

Thanks to four teenagers, there is a new bill regarding mental health. These teens campaigned to introduce the new legislation. This way, students will be…

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Beer Festival in Oregon
Posted in Oregon Entertainment news

Beer Festival in Oregon Started on Wednesday

This Wednesday marked the beginning of another Oregon Brewers Festival. OBF was initially held in 1988, and this will be the 32nd time the festival…

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Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Posted in Oregon Entertainment news

Oregon Shakespeare Festival May Change Theater

Due to the wildfires of 2017 and 2018, this annual summer theater is forced to seek a new and more permanent solution. In 2018, the…

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Oregon Brewers Festival cider and tasty products
Posted in local portland city news

There Is Something Tasty Brewing Up in Oregon

This year, at the 2019 Oregon Brewers Festival, eight cider houses and even 93 breweries are exhibiting their tasty products, and they are all from…

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Andrew Mason
Posted in Oregon City News

Andrew Mason on Importance of Project

The donations for this upcoming project have arrived from two sides. A well-known charitable trust, Ann & Bill Swindells, have donated $2 million and Ballmer…

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Troy Dye - Oregon football team
Posted in oregon football news

Dye Has an Opportunity to Claim the Butkus Award

Leading tackler for the Oregon football team, Troy Dye, is now one of the 51 athletes that are on the watch list for the famous…

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Posted in oregon crime news

The Prisoner Was Serving a Sentence for an Unrelated Criminal Offence

Twenty-year-old Torrey C. Brumfield will be urgently charged with murder in connection with Rock Creek shooting. Besides the murder charge, two more charges will be…

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