Preventing Seasonal Illnesses


It is not only time to prepare for school but also for seasonal illnesses. As autumn and winter are approaching, so are various diseases, such as colds and flu. 

Dr. Jennifer Vines from Multnomah County Health Department has stated that school classrooms are the foundation for the spreading of illnesses. She has explained that colds and the like spread quickly in schools. The reason lies in the fact that children eat together, have immediate contact, and, generally, spend much time together. 

This is the primary reason to teach children adequate hygiene prior to their return to school. Dr. Vines urges parents to show their children how to wash their hands properly. Also, they should warn children to cover their mouth and nose when they are coughing or sneezing. Most importantly, parents should wash their hands before they start preparing food and after changing their children’s diapers.

What to Do When a Child Gets Sick

In case your children contract a disease, they should stay at home, says Dr. Alan Melnick from Clark County Public Health. Moreover, if they show respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms, it is essential that they skip school and remain at home.

Doctors advise that children remain at home for a minimum of one day after a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea stops. Melnick added that children might have runny noses, which may last for a while. However, if they develop more severe symptoms, they ought to stay in bed. Also, flu shots are highly recommended. 

Checking for Lice

Another issue that can be quite burdensome for parents is lice. To prevent them, children should not share clothes or hats with their peers. Lice are not dangerous. However, they are rather annoying and uncomfortable. In case a child gets them, they should undergo an adequate treatment. Physicians advise parents to check their children for lice once per week. According to the CDC, there are about 12 million cases of lice every year. The treatment expenses amount to almost $1 billion.

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