Provoking Riots in Northeast Portland

Riots in Portlant

The new open files uncover the unknown details of the riot that happened on May 1 in front of a bar in Northeast Portland. On the day of the riot, right-winged organization Patriot Prayer assaulted the left-winged Antifa rivals. The prosecutors in the case against the commander of Patriot Prayer Joey Gibson claim that their leader undertook numerous actions to provoke the riot.

The documents were filed back on August 12. However, they were available to the general public on Wednesday, following the judge’s decision to release them. According to the documents, a detective from the Portland police department recognized that Gibson was pushing a woman, 31. Shortly afterward, Ian Alexander Kramer, Gibson’s comrade hit the woman with a baton, making her unconscious.

The Disputable Video

The court files do not clearly indicate what video the police detective was referring to. However, the video available on Twitter and YouTube displays the conflict. As the video shows, Joey Gibson, adorned in a black T-shirt with a cap and sunglasses on his head, makes physical contact with the victim. However, it is not quite whether it was the incident the police detective referred to in the files. 

A few seconds after, the woman fell on the ground. The video shows a man with goggles and a black helmet waving with a baton. Next, Gibson is seen pushing the man back. 

The prosecutor alleges in the files that the police detective inspected the video displaying Gibson, 35, constantly inviting Antifa members to fight with him. Namely, he was repeatedly enticing them to “do something” and provoked them from the pathway.

Conservative Defendant

Gibson is among six other people that were accused last month of riot, felony, and other crimes originating from the confrontation in front of Cider Riot, one of Northeast Portland bars. Gibson and the six people belong to a right-winged group based in Vancouver. 

Joey Gibson, together with Ian Alexander Krammer, Christopher Ryan Ponte, Matthew Demetrius Cooper, and Mackenzie William Lewis, pleaded guilty before Multnomah County Circuit Court. The sixth participant in the clash, Russell Earl Schultz III, possesses an arrest warrant. 

The Confrontation Details

At the time of the clash, the Cider Riot bar was accommodating left-winged activists who were in a meeting. The activists participated in the demonstration that took place somewhat earlier. However, the resentment and aggression erupted when people linked with right-winged organizations Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys, an organization identifying its representatives as Westen chauvinists, appeared at the bar’s porch. The police reckoned there were approximately Patriot Prayer followers and about 50 Antifa supporters present at the time of the clash. 

The turbulent scene that exploded saw a lot of swearing and shouting, fighting, as well as throwing drink and stone. Some people even used pepper spray and batons. 

Criminal Charges

The prosecution files indicate that the video displayed Christopher Ponte using pepper spray and a baton at the leftists Antifa activists. As the video was shot from different angles, Christopher Traynor, the detective who inspected it, discovered that Ponte was also guilty of throwing a stone that hit a woman different from the one attacked with a baton. The woman provided the detective with the pictures of her wounds. 

Apart from the riot, Christopher Ponte was accused of putting one person’s life in danger. The detective claimed he saw a video of Matthew Cooper assaulting Antifa members, throwing various objects in their direction, and trying to start a fight. Similarly, Mackenzie Lewis was physically provoking Antifa supporters.

In order to justify the accusations of a riot, prosecutors have to demonstrate that over five individuals participated in violent and turbulent conduct. Thus they deliberately or recklessly generated a severe risk of producing public panic, as the Oregon statute alleges.

Out of the six offenders, Gibson is the first to attend a trial scheduled for October 11.  

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