Serious Lung Disease Cases

Vaper with deasies

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are examining even 153 serious lung disease cases that happened in sixteen U.S. states. It is believed that vaping is the cause of all of them. The majority of cases include teenagers or adolescents that have been admitted to hospital experiencing chest pain, dyspnea (shortness of breath), and a bad cough. 

Although the Oregon Health Authority is not familiar with any local cases, it is urging doctors to be on guard. According to Tom Jeane, the Oregon State health deputy, those severe new diseases represent yet another argument to urge people to refrain from or stop vaping completely. 

What Could It Be a Real Problem?

Gregory Conley from the AVA believes that the problem lies in the products sold on streets, which incorporate THC, the primary cannabis compound, unlawfully added. He also adds that the state of Oregon should mention that relation. According to Conley, health departments from other U.S. states are associating this issue with THC cartridges.

However, Tom Jeane from the OHD specifies that the authorities are not yet familiar with the true cause of these issues. Therefore, he recommends not to vape whatsoever. 

The Dangers of E-Cigarettes and Vaping Products

The Oregon Health Authority has recently submitted a paper to Oregon’s Legislature highlighting the hazards of using e-cigarettes or another vaping product. Namely, they increase blood pressure and involve addiction to nicotine as well as exposure to chemicals that cause cancer. 

People who have used vaping produces recently and are experiencing breathing difficulties should immediately visit their physicians.

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