The Gloomy Week in Deschutes County

Opioid overdose

The head of emergency services, Michelle Brenholdt, revealed that last week even ten overdose cases took place on four campuses. According to her, that number is not quite alarming as they commonly face two or three cases of overdose per week. What is distressing is the gravity of those cases. 

As Brenholdt explained, even four patients ended up in ICU in only 24 hours. Health care staff is concerned that specific opioids like heroin may contain synthetic fentanyl, which can be extremely hazardous and possibly fatal. 

It’s Not Heroin Only

Dr. Cory Siebe from St. Charles explained that the toxicology department does not normally perform fentanyl analysis. However, the gravity of overdoses made them suspect there might be something more severe than heroin. 

Namely, health care staff had to treat severely sick patients with excessive doses of naloxone to stabilize them. Commonly, naloxone is used to stabilize the state of an overdosed person. It can be obtained from any drug store in Oregon via prescription. Also, patients who are on the syringe exchange program at Deschutes County may get naloxone for free.

Deschutes County Health Services appeals to residents to refrain from drug abuse.

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