The Prisoner Was Serving a Sentence for an Unrelated Criminal Offence


Twenty-year-old Torrey C. Brumfield will be urgently charged with murder in connection with Rock Creek shooting. Besides the murder charge, two more charges will be added to Brumfield’s record — a firearm possession felony and unlawful use of a weapon.

According to the official report from the Sheriff’s office, young Fermin Alonso Jr. was killed in a rented residence. Alonso Jr. was found with severe injuries inflicted by a firearm by the deputies that responded to the incident. The injuries claimed the life of Fermin Alonso Jr., as he later died in the hospital. The entire horrific incident played out on September 30.

The Sheriff’s office stated that Brumfield was already serving one sentence on charges associated with the theft of a vehicle. Brumfield will be transported from the Department of Corrections in Oregon, to the Washington County, where he will be confronted with new and far more serious charges.

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