There Is Something Tasty Brewing Up in Oregon

Oregon Brewers Festival cider and tasty products

This year, at the 2019 Oregon Brewers Festival, eight cider houses and even 93 breweries are exhibiting their tasty products, and they are all from Oregon. Chris Crabb, Media Director of the festival, has stated that there are approximately 300 breweries in Oregon at this point. He added that it was about time for Oregon, since it had such an impressive number of local breweries, to present and share its wide variety of craft beers with the world. We agree with Mr. Crabb completely. One of the world’s beer capitals should share its brewed treasure with all beer lovers out there.

However, the 100% Oregon-made beer on the festival is not the only surprise this year. It seems that Oregon decided to make it extra special. This year, visitors can enjoy DJ performance and try out the beer that is specially made for the purpose of the festival. Also, they can have some fun with the dunk tank! However, the dunk tank attraction is closed on Sunday. Besides these fun additions, the festival offers, as usual, great food, Crater Lake Soda Garden, and exhibits about homebrewing. Let’s mention some of the various, great, craft beer products that visitors can try out this year.

Wheat Beer, Mexican Recipes, and Hot Stout

From Salem comes the Blood Orange Kristallweizen, brewed by Gilgamesh. The Gilgamesh’s beer is a refreshing, crisp, wheat beer enriched by exotic aroma of blood orange citrus. Then, visitors can enjoy Pilsner inspired by Tepache, the TepaCzech craft made by LABrewery. Nick Herrara from LABrewery says that this Pilsner is made according to a traditional recipe from Mexico. The formula includes fun and intense aromas, such as cinnamon, fermented pineapples, and cloves. Since this is the first time for this brewery to participate in the festival, Mr. Herrera has said that he is both nervous and excited.

Coin Toss Brewing, from the Oregon City, is one of the rare exhibitors that offer dark beer at the festival. Their Hot Cakes beer is a tasty and exciting mix of hot and sweet! This American-esque Stout features tastes of habanero pepper and chocolate. Tim Hohl, the founder of the Coin Toss Brewing, revealed one part of the recipe for this dark delight. They use frozen cupcakes in the brewing process and three dozen of them per mash. Mr. Hohl has added that the hot heat of the peppers strikes you five seconds after you take a sip of the beer.

At this 32nd annual beer festival, minors can be present provided that their parent accompanies them. The festival takes place from July 24 to July 27, in the period from noon to 21 p.m. The 32nd Oregon’s beer festival is located in Portland, Oregon, and it has free admission. Visitors can buy one drink token for $1, and for $10 they can buy the souvenir mug.

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