Thysse Expands in Oregon With New $10 Million Headquarters

Thysse in Oregon With New $10 Million Headquarters

This week has been an important one for Thysse. They have recently initiated a new $10 million headquarters in Oregon. This is just another step in the company’s rapid expansion.

Thysse’s new headquarters is a 100,000 square-foot object that will be opened in exactly one year. Not only has it been the third expansion in the last seven years, but it is also just the next stage of their growth.

Founded in 1941, the company remained rather small until John Thysse’s grandson Jason took the helm. The company offers to print brochures, catalogs, and mailings. Furthermore, Thysse started providing graphic design and marketing as well. 

Thysse moved to Oregon seven years ago due to lack of space in their original office in Madison. Now, with the company employing over 90 people, a need arose for additional premises. 

Jason Thysse said that the growth of the company had been exponential since they moved to Oregon and that they wanted to stay there. Furthermore, he added that the village helped them and made everything possible. The company received $1 million in incremental tax funding as a way of supporting the idea of staying in Oregon.

The funding they received was helpful in soil remediation before the construction of the building even began. Now, there will be enough space in their new two-story headquarters to house all of the employees, and there will be enough space for up to 160 if the company continues to grow like this. 

Thysse also said that the land would be great for future expansion. He also added that they had never had any goal for the expansion and that the main interest of the company were customer wishes and needs, which was the primary motivation for the expansion.

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