Urgent Need for Gun Control Measures After Mass Shootings

Gun Control

Wyden belongs to a group of a few Democrats who are urging the majority leader of the Senate to discuss the need for mandatory background checks of all weapons. This should also include firearms ordered via the internet and purchased at gun shows. 

Namely, in February 2019, the House approved its own version of the gun control bill that advocates praised as one of the most crucial regulations of this kind in over 20 years. However, the proposal got stuck in the predominantly Republican Senate, where it has spent five months without receiving a single vote.

However, following the shootings which resulted in at least twenty deaths in El Paso, TX, as well as nine in Dayton, OH, Wyden deems voting for gun control an “urgent business.” As he said to the people gathered in front of the town hall in Beaverton on Sunday afternoon, it was the U.S. Senate that had to initiate everything. He added that he would be flying back to Washington D.C. immediately if an emergency meeting was scheduled.

Necessary Reforms

The audience questioned Senator Widen about everything, ranging from medicine costs to impeachment procedures. However, the focus of the two-hour public session was gun violence and control. 

Voters wanted to know how Wyden would solve the problem of gun violence, his attitude toward military-style weapons, and how he planned to get support from both sides concerning background controls. As he revealed, he would begin with the senators of the rural West. In his opinion, these are the regions where major changes could happen thanks to young residents and their shifting attitudes towards weapons. 

One of the members of Moms Demand Action, Debbie Lindgren, stated that the senator’s idea to focus on the rural part of the U.S. struck her as good. As she explained, the organization will also have to address the predominantly rural Senate to obtain support.

Another member of the group combating gun violence, Jane Elliot, was standing at the very back of the town hall. She was holding a sign “Vote on HR8.” HR8 is the formal title of the universal background check act. In her opinion, Mitch McConnel works in favor of neither the Senate nor any state across the entire U.S. What he must do is allow democracy. i.e., allow the vote.

Will Shootings Inspire Votes?

Wyden highlights that the vote needs to be organized immediately. He believes that recent epidemic shootings might spur similar initiatives. As he explains, it is impossible for him to think of anything that is more vital than preventing the repetition of the two fatal scenarios which took place within 36 hours.

Other Oregon representatives agree with Wyden and support his plea to the Senate to undertake urgent actions. Jeff Merkley, the Senator, and Earl Blumenauer, Oregon Representative, both of whom are Democrats, used their Twitter accounts to appeal to the Senate to discuss the act.

Tagging both Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell, Merkley demanded that they stop flinching from the NRA. He added it was high time for the Senate to debate everything that could prevent future massacres.

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