Volunteers Refurbish Oregon City Mountain View Cemetery. A 150-Year-Old Monument Repaired

Oregon City Mountain View Cemetery

Oregon City, Oregon — Volunteers have wrapped up the repairing process in the Mountain View Cemetery. Namely, they worked on fixing and refurbishing 23 markers in the cemetery. The volunteers received the required funds, $8,109 to be exact, from the Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries via its 2018 Historic Cemetery Grant. While they focused on putting in as much work as possible, the volunteers found that not everything was available for repair. Namely, there’s a Masonic monument in the shape of a column which dates back to 1868 and is dedicated to Frederick Wellington Charman. The volunteers couldn’t work on it due to time constraints, and the monument’s size. Moreover, the nature and amount of repair needed was not a job fit for the volunteers.

Bernadette Niederer and David Pinyerd from Historic Preservation Northwest joined Bruce Howard, a restoration expert, and came out to the Cemetery on July 16. Joining forces with the Mountain View Cemetery staff, they worked on repairing the monument and added the much-needed know-how which the volunteers lacked. The Cemetery issued a public thank-you note to the experts for their efforts and time which went into preserving the historical monument.

Charman’s Background

Frederick Wellington Charman crossed the pond back in 1851 when he sailed to the United States from England. His first destination was Indiana, where he opened a store. However, three years later, he moved to Oregon City and, together with his brother Thomas, started a partnership known as the Charman Brothers.

Consequently, they opened the Charman Brothers general mercantile. In September 1857, Charman married Mary Magdalene Diller, who was actually his sister-in-law, as Thomas Charman married her sister Sophia three years earlier. Frederick was a member of Ellison Encampment and Multnomah Lodge, as well as Worthy Past Grand Master of Oregon Lodge.

Although he led a healthy life, Frederick fell ill and was sick for a week before he passed away. According to Charman’s death notice, released in the Oregon City Enterprise, he faced a rare and complicated disease. Namely, his attending physician, Dr. Barclay, had to fight with a lack of blood vitality, which ended up causing congestion of the brain.

Charman left behind his wife Mary, who remained a widow, and two sons — Thomas Leonard and Elmer Ellsworth, who were aged seven and ten at the time of Frederick’s passing. Later on, both of his sons went on to be successful pharmacists who ran multiple businesses throughout Oregon City.

This isn’t the end of repair work at the Mountain View Cemetery. Namely, they’ve found themselves on the receiving end of another grant, which will update the Veterans Memorial. After the works are completed, the Memorial will fulfill ADA accessibility standards.

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