Where to Stay on Your Next Mount Rushmore Trip

Rushmore Mountains

If it weren’t for the monumental Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota might have been one of the most underrated U.S. states. The country’s Midwest region certainly does not enjoy the same attention as coastal states or the South, but everyone has heard of the imposing presidential sculpture, and many have seen it. According to the Mount Rushmore wiki page, over 2 million tourists visit the site every year to witness first-hand the epic 60-foot heads of four presidents carved into the stone of the mountain. 

But seeing the faces is often not enough. As the trip might be lengthy and expensive, visitors generally wish to make sure it was worth the time and money. And a bit of entertainment is often just what they need. 

That is why many search for casinos near Mt. Rushmore when they decide to plan their trip to the Black Hills in Keystone. Spending a few coins on penny slots for real money tends to add a bit of excitement to every hotel stay, and the jackpots are sure to make the whole experience a memorable one. Add the stunning nature and the breathtaking sculpture into the mix, and every tourist with a penchant for gambling will remember the trip forever. 

So where to stay during your Mt. Rushmore adventure?     

Royal River Hotel & Casino

Royal River Hotel & Casino

Many establishments tend to call themselves “royal,” often mismatching the name with the quality of service. Is this the case with the Royal River? It most certainly is not, at least according to many testimonies from their frequent visitors. 

The style of the accommodation combines Native American culture with advanced facilities providing a comfortable time for all guests during their stay. The hotel is located just at the border of South Dakota and Wyoming. No matter if you are a local from one of these states or you have traveled long and far to get close to Mt. Rushmore, Royal River is an excellent accommodation option. 

When it comes to gambling, its casino hosts an impressive number of high-quality games. Here, you can spin roulette wheels, reels on numerous slot machines, enjoy table games such as craps, and live casino action. After you come back from Mt. Rushmore, Royal River awaits with all its comfort and a thrilling gambling area. 

Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resort

Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resort

Next on our list is a cozy resort set amidst the Black Hills. Only an hour away from Mount Rushmore, Deadwood Gulch is in the perfect location if you are considering taking a trip to the famous attraction. Are you looking for a creekside hotel and restaurant? Deadwood Gulch was built right next to a stream. Are you hoping for easy access to the Mickelson Trail? This resort has it. And how does free hot breakfast sound? Because Deadwood Gulch provides just that during each hotel stay. 

Now, let’s talk about its casino. Spending coins there is exceptionally easy as the 24-hour slot machine area comes with a full-service bar to smooth over each wager. But winning money is made simple as well. With instant rewards, a four-tier players club, and different promotions every day of the week, Deadwood Gulch guests often find it difficult to leave. As the resort received the Great Service Award twice, it is truly no wonder.   

Gold Dust Casino

Gold Dust Casino

Perhaps some residents of South Dakota have already heard of Gold Dust Casino. They might have even visited it. And the memories they left with might not have been too pleasant. However, the new and improved version of Gold Dust leaves the previous one in the… well, dust. 

The whole place has been renovated, including the casino. The rooms are now fully equipped with new furniture but, luckily, the stunning views have stayed the same. When it comes to the gambling experience, it is now on an entirely new level. 

The old favorites are still there, but many new titles have been added to the game selection. If you have come here on a tight budget, you can play penny slots for real money, but that is only the beginning. In this casino, players can expect to find blackjack, roulette, and even poker games with progressive jackpots. So do not hesitate to book a room at Gold Dust the next time you plan on visiting Mt. Rushmore. 

Prairie Wind Hotel & Casino

Prairie Wind Hotel & Casino

Similarly to the Royal River, Prairie Wind is another Native American resort built for players who are looking for an entirely unique experience. The rooms are spacious and modern, so all the comfort you expect from a vacation is a guarantee. 

What are the resorts’ guests most impressed with? For starters, there are hot tubs and swimming pools where you can relax after a trip to Mount Rushmore. Once you have rested, you can join others in the evening’s live entertainment. And we are not talking about gambling here. Prairie Wind often hosts famous comedians and other artists, so the guests’ nights are typically filled with laughter. 

Still, this does not mean that the casino is any less entertaining than the celebrities’ stand-ups. For many, it is quite the opposite. Perhaps it is because they do not enjoy the humor, but more likely, a quality gambling experience is more up their alley. Over 250 slot machines, blackjack, and poker are on the menu at Prairie Wind Casino. If you have an appetite for any of these games, make sure to check out this casino near Mount Rushmore.

Cadillac Jack Resort

Cadillac Jack Resort

Lastly, let’s talk about the first choice of many tourists and locals alike — Cadillac Jack. If proximity to the famous sculpture is your top priority, no resort will suit you better. The hotel is set right next to Black Hills National Forest. So when a gambler searches for a casino near Mt. Rushmore, Cadillac Jack is often their final destination. 

The retreat offers impeccable accommodation and numerous activities often related to gambling. For instance, the guests typically have an opportunity to enjoy a unique event that combines drinking and betting. Since Cadillac Jack’s many promotions increase the players’ odds of winning, they tend to leave these events with full pockets. 

What games allow them to do so? First and foremost, its slot machines. But the establishment does not lack other options. Poker, blackjack, craps, and roulette are all among the popular choices of the casino’s visitors. 

If there is one option from this list it would be foolish to miss out on, it has to be Cadillac Jack Resort. 

Final Thoughts

How long has Mount Rushmore been a tourist attraction? Many may be surprised by the answer. Although it might seem as if the four presidents have always looked down upon the forests of South Dakota, they have done so only since 1941. Some of the readers might not know this but, according to the Mount Rushmore wiki page, the construction of this site was, actually, a marketing strategy. It was a historian called Doane Robinson who got the idea to promote his state of South Dakota in a fairly unusual and ambitious way. 

As a result of his efforts, millions take the trip every year just to gaze upon the four faces in person. And they all need someplace to spend the night during the excursion. Those who are also looking for some gambling action on the trip will need to find a hotel with a casino near Mount Rushmore. 

If you need some help in your search, the top five locations have been listed for you. So choose the one that suits your needs and experience one of the biggest U.S. attractions, all while playing the best casino games. Your next vacation is sure to be an unforgettable one.

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